Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage Causes Roof to Leak in Bothell

A heavy rain and wind storm caused a roof to leak and created water damage and mold in this condominium's attic in Bothell, WA. Our technicians inspected the at... READ MORE

Heavy Rainstorm Leads to Water Damage and Mold

After heavy rainstorms in Lynnwood this single family home experienced water intrusion that penetrated through the exterior of the home. The damage was not appa... READ MORE

Excessive Storm Rain Floods Basement in Lynnwood

Preparing for storm damage depends on your location and weather patterns. Some homes have roof problems, others have crawlspace and basement flooding. This home... READ MORE

Flooded Crawlspace in Edmonds

Crawlspaces are often overlooked areas of a home. You rarely if ever go into them and because they aren’t finished spaces, in homeowners’ minds they... READ MORE