Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Kirkland Condominium Stairwell

This condominium experienced severe mold growth in a stairwell due to a leak that went undetected for months, as you can see the mold damage was extensive. Our ... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Cleaning In Lynnwood

This commercial facility in Lynnwood had suffered from long term mold growth due to an untreated water leak. Mold can be an invisible intruder, growing behind a... READ MORE

Cleaning Mold in Mill Creek Home

A small, undetected water leak in the bathroom wall led to mold development that went undetected for several months. The homeowner noticed an odor and asked us ... READ MORE

Mold In An Edmonds Home

Where is mold usually found in a house? Whether you are house hunting or odor hunting it is always good to check for mold. Here are some trouble areas in most h... READ MORE